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[directfb-users] Re: I can not show png pictures and ttf fonts
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[directfb-users] Re: I can not show png pictures and ttf fonts

Yidan(Edward) Zhou wrote:

> However, when i run 'text' and 'image' in the
> tutorial package, these two programs can not show the png picture and
> the decker font. the picture and the characters are replaced by blanks
> with random dots on it.

Like Andi says, acceleration doesn't seem to work for you. Please try
df_andi and some other examples.

If they don't work either, the hardware could be misconfigured for your
particular setup, even though it looks like you have exactly the same CLE266
chip as everyone else (VT3122, rev 3). The answer is then likely to be in
some obscure FIFO/arbiter/PCI register... :-/

I've attached a small script which prints some hardware information.

Install cle266vgaio and run a directfb program. Make sure it produces the
same blank images with random dots you got before.
Then run the script, and post the output to this list. I'll compare your
results with my own. Maybe something is different.

A few questions:

* What type of RAM do you have installed? What speed is it? (266MHz?
200MHz?) Is it a brand-name or no-name type?
* What BIOS revision do you have? 1.0F?


I sent you a couple of suggestions regarding the video overlay before. Did
they help? If so, what was the solution?

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