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[directfb-users] G450 two outputs (X primary, DirectFB secondary)
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[directfb-users] G450 two outputs (X primary, DirectFB secondary)


I'm looking for pointers in setting up a standalone media PC with an
(KDE) desktop together with (at the same time!) DirectFB output on my
television. Searching to the list archives I noticed that similar
questions had been posted before, but I couldn't find any definitive

My goal is to set up a PC that runs KDE on the primary head of a Matrox
G450 (to which other can connect through VNC) and that has Freevo on the
secondary head, using DirectFB.

I've patched a 2.4.24 kernel according to [1] and recompiled MPlayer.
I'm able to display video with '-vo dfbmga' on the secondary head of my
G450. But when I'm playing a video on the secondary head, the desktop on
my primary head disappears! The primary head uses the Xfree86 mga driver
on the first framebuffer (/dev/fb0). I've tried putting 'no-vt-switch'
and 'no-vt-switching' in /etc/directfb, but no luck.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to have output on *both* heads of
my videocard: a desktop on the first and simultaneous TV output on the
second head? If it would involve running XDirectFB instead of the
regular X11 it's no problem, but I haven't got a clue (or decent HOWTO)
how to do that.

I hope you can help me out. Also tips about running Freevo with DirectFB
would be very welkome because I haven't been able to get that running
with DirectFB (pygame error).


Maarten den Braber

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