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[directfb-users] [Announce] pydfb wrapper for directfb
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[directfb-users] [Announce] pydfb wrapper for directfb

Hi all,
Just wanted to say thanks to those guys who developed directfb. It's really
makes things simpler.
Here are my 2c for even more simplicity...
I just completed the Python wrapper for the directfb( version 1.0.2 ). It is
uses the same interface as pygame, so you may easily reuse apps written in
Python for pygame to get extra speed and features from directfb.
Because of similarity of interfaces I do not plan to have docs for pydfb(
pydoc may help though ). You may want to refer the pygame docs instead.
I'm going to place some simple demonstration along with pydfb and pymedia so
you can see what it could look like together.
Hope you'll enjoy it.


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