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[directfb-users] Matrox G450: UserInterface and TV-Out
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[directfb-users] Matrox G450: UserInterface and TV-Out

Hello All,

I own a G450 eTV, which beautifully plays movies on my TV (mplayer, dfbmga).
Many thanks to Ville for developing that, and especially for updating his
How-To lately, which made me confident  my mix of software versions is
correct !

This computer should be a sort of set-top box, though, so it should  display
the GUI on the TV as well as movies.  I absolutely don't care what is shown
on the primary display.

So far, I selected Freevo as a GUI.  It works, the remote control works, but
I have nothing on the TV, as of yet.

So far I tried to use 'matroxset' approach, found in the alternative G450
TV-out How-To.

## turn secondary output off
matroxset -f /dev/fb0 -m 5
## connect secondary output to /dev/fb1
matroxset -f /dev/fb0 -m 2
## set output 1 (secondary) to NTSC
matroxset -f /dev/fb0 -o 1 2

It gives me the picture on the TV, but
1) The picture is of mediocre quality. Flickering too much. Really don't
like it
2) I couldn't make Freevo work trough directfb out-of-the-box, to use even
this mediocre TV-output. It might be because of the RPM-ed SDL package
incapable to work with DirectFB, who knows. I used SDL_VIDEODRIVER=directfb,
and Freevo crashed with "pygame.error: No available video device". My
/etc/directfb.conf specifies /dev/fb1 as the output device, and it makes
other DirectFB applications, like LiTE happy.

So, sounds like I have to look inside of the things. I have no much time for
that, though, as my family is ready to kill me for spending days and nights
on this project.  May I ask some questions here, then?

-What would be, in your opinion, the best approach to solve my problem (
replace Freevo with something, replace the video card (I think about G400
TV, for its mpeg2 compression), force Freevo to go trough directfb (how?),
buy an Xbox, any other suggestions but buying a Tivo)

- Can the same approach dfbmga uses, be applied to display the GUI?  I
opened the dfbmga source once, and closed it in a minute, not finding a
single comment. Where could I start learning this approach, if the answer is

- Can anybody suggest a better trick than the matroxset  above, to set up a
good NTSC  picture with the G450 tv-out, which could be accessible trough

Thanks !


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