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[directfb-users] viafb loads ok but gives corrupt screen
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[directfb-users] viafb loads ok but gives corrupt screen

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  • Subject: [directfb-users] viafb loads ok but gives corrupt screen
  • From: Simeon Walker <>
  • Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 16:25:03 +0000
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I am tring to use the viafb from the DirectFB cvs to I can try out the latest DirectFB on my EPIA M10K system. I have had some success with DirectFB 0.9.20 and the older viafb from the 2.4.24 kernel but DirectFB cvs doesn't work with this.

I build the Cirrus driver as a module to force the fbgen module to be built, when I load the DirectFB viafb module everything looks fine in the logs but the console is completely corrupt, somtimes with a big magenta rectangle in the middle.

dmesg says:
viafb: VIA CLE266 framebuffer 0.8 initializing
viafb: framebuffer size = 32 Mb
mtrr: MTRR 4 not used
mtrr: 0xd8000000,0x2000000 overlaps existing 0xd8000000,0x800000
viafb: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8623 [Apollo CLE266] integrated CastleRock graphics board found
viafb: detected VT1622 (2), using TV3 tables
viafb: mode=720x576 bpp=32 refresh=50 TVon=1 TVtype=2
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 90x36
viafb: irq handler installed, IRQ(0x200) = 80080c00
viafb: fb0: Via CLE266 frame buffer device 720x576-32bpp

I have no other FB modules built in or loaded, no v4l or cle266vgaio.
Any ideas what's going on? Are there know problem with this module? I haven't seen any mentioned on the list lately.


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