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[directfb-users] Re: new user with a few questions
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[directfb-users] Re: new user with a few questions

On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 06:21:47PM -0600, Eldridge, Michael wrote:
> > More complex apps use the layer and window APIs and thus have more
> > control over things but it also means that you can't simply flip a
> > magic switch to make them windowed vs. fullscreen.
> gotcha.  is it trivial to resize the window so that it occupies the
> entire screen?

Yes but that isn't necessrily a good idea as it will waste memory and add 
overhead to flippng (compared to running directly on the layer's surface).

My UAE DirectFB port has windowed+fullscreen support using layer/window 
APIs. The only ugliness that I really don't like is with input handling. I 
have to handle both window and input events depending on which mode the 
app uses.

> additionally, is any hardware acceleration lost when
> running in windowed mode?

No. Well provided that the window has the same pixel format as the layer 
or the hardware supports format conversion.

> > > is the radeon driver not capable of such an overlay layer?
> > 
> > The driver doesn't support it. The hardware has at least one overlay
> > so adding support would be possible.
> doh.  radeon 7500 is what i'm currently using in my dev machine.  it's
> not a big deal, but before i'm able to plop the cash on a via m10k
> board, i'd like to become more familiar with dfb's usage.  from what
> i've read in the list archives, radeon is expected to be the next dfb
> driver to be as full featured as matrox/cle266.

Not if I get there first with the mach64 ;)

> any idea if the radeon
> driver will have an extra layer within the next couple of months?

I don't have the hardware so I won't work on it. Judging from the XFree86 
driver source the overlay is very similar to r128's overlay so it should 
be quite easy to get it working.

Ville Syrjälä

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