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[directfb-users] OT: fbset modeline for PAL TV anyone
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[directfb-users] OT: fbset modeline for PAL TV anyone

Hi list,

I'm trying to get XDirectFB running on the tv-out of my G400 card. I've
tried to generate a working modeline for PAL, ie. 720x576, 50Hz, 32bit
with the gtf modeline generator (
However, the modeline that it generates:

mode "720x576 50.00Hz 32bit (GTF)"
    # PCLK: 26.57 MHz, H: 29.65 kHz, V: 50.00 Hz
    geometry 720 576 720 576 32
    timings 37642 88 16 13 1 72 3
    hsync low
    vsync high

produces a picture with green horizontal bars on the tv. No good.

So, I was wondering if anyone here has and is willing to share a working
PAL TV modeline for fbset. I'd very much like to try out if I could get
my system working with one of those.

TIA, juhis

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