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[directfb-users] nested dfbterm
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[directfb-users] nested dfbterm


if i start dfbterm from the console i get something that looks like a
graphical interface with a windowed terminal.
if i now in this terminal try to start a second dfbterm i will see a
second mouse pointer, offset form the first, and it seems to open the
same window overlapping (depending how i move the mouse the revious or
later dfbterm + window gets updated , each mouse refreshes its own
i was wondering about the following
- can i open 2 dfbterms side by side without the fusion module
  - if so, what is the problem
  - if not, is the problem i described by lack of the fusion module
- what is the status of the fusion module as far as 2.6 kernels are

Victor Pelt

Victor Pelt <>

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