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[directfb-users] Re: Displaying buffer contents
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[directfb-users] Re: Displaying buffer contents

Sven Neumann <> writes:

> I'd like to add that if you want to include the data in your code as
> your example did, then it's a lot easier and also more efficient to
> use directfb-csource.

I remembered directfb-csource shortly after i posted the
example. :)

But i'm not quite sure what you mean with "more efficient". Do you
mean the preallocated surface (and the correct laid out buffer in
the generated header)? I see this, but when i wrote the example i
had a situation in mind, where images are not predefined but
generated during execution (like video).

One last question then: Is it possible to create a window with a
preallocated surface? I justed scanned the docs a little bit but i
didn't find a way to specify a preallocated surface when i use

Until the next mail...,

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