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[directfb-users] Unable to disallocate VT
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[directfb-users] Unable to disallocate VT

Hello list,

I am trying to run a simple gtk+ appln on a DirectFB, but getting a message 
as unable to disallocte VT.

Actually i have entry widget which reads input from a serial device & 
suitably i am mapping that & displaying it on the entry widget.
I have a button widget which gets focus later & button press calls 
gtk_main_quit(). Every thing works fine, but when i come out of the appln, on 
the prompt i see the following error as:

( ! ) DirectFB/core/vt:Unable to disallocate VT!
 -->Device or resource busy.
Now here what could be the problem. I expect an early reply from your side. 
Thanks in advance.


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