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[directfb-users] Re: Unable to disallocate VT
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[directfb-users] Re: Unable to disallocate VT

Hi All,
Actually i was able to overcome the problem of disallocation of VT.
Some how i was able to figure out the problem, looking into the vt.c
in the DirectFB/src/core/fbdev directory.

It was actually trying to control(using ioctl) the tty0. So this message 
apears as part of not able to disallocate display memory related to cursor of 
general purpose mous(GPM). 
But if i am able to stop GPM & do it, the VT problem no more apears.

But with this, there comes another doubt. Why do we need to stop GPM, so that 
i can use mouse in my DirectFB applications. If i dont stop GPM, then i cant 
use my mouse in DirectFB applications. 

Is there any other mechanism to overcome this problem, or stoping GPM is the 
only way to do it?

Thanks again,


> Hello list,
> I am trying to run a simple gtk+ appln on a DirectFB, but getting a message
> as unable to disallocte VT.
>prompt i see the following error as:
> ( ! ) DirectFB/core/vt:Unable to disallocate VT!
>  -->Device or resource busy.
> Now here what could be the problem. I expect an early reply from your side.
> Thanks in advance.

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