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[directfb-users] help with EPIA-MII 10000
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[directfb-users] help with EPIA-MII 10000

hi, need help running vdr with softdevice

my english is not too good, so sorry now.

DVB card: Haupauge-nova-t
linux: debian unstable
alsa: working

(debian packages libavcodec and libavcodec-dev installed)

Q: Is it necessary to compile softdevice with or without DirectFB

Q: Are there some conditions or dependencies to attend on EPIA / EPIA MII

Q: Is there a possibility to use the hardware mpeg decoder with mplayer or


Markus Beerhues

GMX ProMail (250 MB Mailbox, 50 FreeSMS, Virenschutz, 2,99 EUR/Monat...)
jetzt 3 Monate GRATIS + 3x DER SPIEGEL +++ +++

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