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[directfb-users] fusion problems with 2.6
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[directfb-users] fusion problems with 2.6

Hello list,

I've got a problem getting dfb to work under linux 2.6(.3). I can't get
the fusion device to work. I'm using linux-fusion cvs from a couple of
days ago and DirectFB cvs from today. Actually I just realized while
writing this mail that they aren't from the same day, since I had some
problem elsewhere. Could the problem be, that linux-fusion is a couple
of days older than dfb? Anyway, I've got fusion compiled in the kernel


and dfb compiled with --enable-multi. But when I try to run e.g.
mplayer, I get:

DirectFB: Preinit entered
(*) parsing config file '/etc/directfbrc'.

       ---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.21 ---------------------
             (c) 2000-2002  convergence integrated media GmbH  
             (c) 2002-2003  convergence GmbH                   

(*) Multi Application Core. (with MMX support) (2004-02-23 20:53)
(*) DirectFB/misc/memcpy: using MMXEXT optimized memcpy()
(!) [25698:    0.000] DirectFB/core/fusion: (fusion_init) opening
'/dev/fusion/0' failed!
    --> No such device
vo_directfb2.c <315>:
        (#) DirectFBError [DirectFBCreate (&dfb)]: Internal fusion (IPC)
error detected!

Any suggestions, at what could be wrong? 

TIA, juhis

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