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[directfb-users] Sweet graphics/animation 2 seconds after linux boots!
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[directfb-users] Sweet graphics/animation 2 seconds after linux boots!


I finally got my radeon 9600XT to work with DirectFB. Using the new
radeonfb driver in Linux 2.6.3. and it works great with DirectFB's
radeon driver.

So I did what Ive been waiting a long time for: use Edje to get some
sweeet looking bootup graphics 2 seconds after linux boots up (yes,
that's actually 2 seconds!).

I'm hoping this will spark some interest in getting involved with
improving DirectFB - Evas/Ecore/Edje compatability/bindings.

The screenshot is posted on the (under development, yet soon there) new
DirectFB website:

Description of the screenshot:
A test app with smooth animations and effects running 2 seconds after
linux boots. It is started from an initrd with DirectFB, Evas, Ecore,
and Edje. The initrd image is roughly 3800kb. Graphics card is radeon
9600XT with 256MB ram however it is slow since the directfb radeon
driver cant yet accelerate the argb surfaces that evas uses. Whenever
the radeon driver in DirectFB can render argb surfaces hardware
accelerated it will be LIGHTNING fast :) Oh did I mention the app itself
is 75 lines of code..! ;) altough the .eet file describing the graphics
and animation is 798 lines (created by The Rasterman -

BTW: Im very eargerly awaiting hardware alphablending in the radeon
driver... how is that coming along?

Hallvar Helleseth

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