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[directfb-users] Re: H3600 touch screen drivers, Sony jog dials
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[directfb-users] Re: H3600 touch screen drivers, Sony jog dials

On 06/10/04 07:25, Kent Sandvik wrote:
> Looking at the DirectFB 0.9.20 configure, H3600 touchscreen support, 
> WM97xx touchscreen support, and SonyPI jog dial drivers are built and 
> enabled in case their specific header files are found in the linux/ dir. 
> Any chance this could be turned on/off with a flag as some of the 

I used the following environment variable to disable the build of jog dial:

  $ ac_cv_header_linux_sonypi_h=no ./configure ...

For H3600 and WM97xx, use ac_cv_header_linux_h3600_ts_h and

These pretend to be the cached results of the tests for the existence of
the header files.


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