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[directfb-users] Set-top Box Design - Usage Questions
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[directfb-users] Set-top Box Design - Usage Questions

I am planning to use DirectFB for an embedded application. I downloaded and compiled DirectFB and was successfully able to execute example programs. I tried searching the archives, but was unable to find satisfactory answers to my following questions:

1) Can GTK widgets be embedded within DirectFB components? i.e., Can I use DFBTerm as an example and replace the term with a GTK listbox widget? Any examples that mix GTK + DirectFB API calls would help as reference.

2) How's a window that is playing a move "zoomed" using DirectFB. i.e., Can I zoom the movie window of DFBSee to a smaller size via press of a key? Vice-versa, can I re-zoom it to its original shape? What about the quality of the picture during zoom?

3) How's picture-in-picture enabled using DirectFB? My guess would be to have two window zones - primary and secondary, with primary playing the main movie, and secondary playing the second movie.

4) If the primary window is playing a movie, how can help text be displayed in a semi-transparent window. The reaon I say semi-transparent is because when text is displayed, I do not want to overlay primary window with semi-transparent window. The semi-transparent window is similar to a filter.

I am a newbie with DirectFB. Would really appreciate answers to my questions.



Bobby Sardana.

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