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[directfb-users] NSC Geode display driver with FBDirect
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[directfb-users] NSC Geode display driver with FBDirect

Hi, Firstly thanks for DirectFB it's been very helpful.

I'm using the Geode framebuffer driver from Alex Pavloff's website
( and DirectFB with the NSC driver.

Everything works OK but the screen is drawn very slowly. Depending on
how complicated the screen is I get between 6 - 12 fps. If I disable HW
acceleration the the directfbrc file I get the same performance, so I'm
guessing my HW acceleration isn't working properly.

I get the following on stderr:

Dependent NSC Kernel FrameBuffer driver version is 2.7.7 or later
(*) DirectFB/GraphicsDevice: nsc NSC GX1/GX2 driver version 1.1 (NSC)
(*) DirectFB/Layer: Enabled 'FBDev Primary Layer'.
 (!!!)  *** CAUTION [setting new configuration failed] *** layers.c

Can anyone tell me the sort of performance I should be getting and have
any pointers as to the cause of my problems.

Thanks heaps, Michael McLellan

Michael McLellan
Software Developer
SWS Australia Pty. Ltd.
832 Cooper Street Somerton Victoria 3062 Australia
Ph : +61 3 9303 7512  Fax : +61 3 9303 7513  Mob : +61 421 056 240

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