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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB persistent video output vs exclusiveaccess
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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB persistent video output vs exclusiveaccess

Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
Quoting James Gatt:

Firstly I should apologise in case this is not fully relevant to 
directfb itself - the solution to the problem I have might as likely be 
in mplayer as directfb.

I am writing a media server type of application that is to be used with 
a remote control and television / AV system. Nothing else - no keyboard, 
mouse etc. (A keyboard might get added later, but the point is it is not 
required to use the system.)  Anyway, this means the entire user 
interface always uses the television - either it displays the user 
interface, or the output of mplayer (and later maybe other things such 
as xmame).

The graphics card is a Matrox G450, and I am using the dfbmga driver in 

The problem comes when switching between the user interface and mplayer 
- as far as I can tell, the user interface must give up the display so 
that mplayer can get exclusive access to it. This causes a glitch on the 
video output which upsets the television. I think the signal actually 
disappears briefly. Is there a technical reason why it is necessary for 
the display to be altered when an application exits? For instance, if I 
use dfbsee to look at an image, when I exit this, the display gets 
scrambled. I am only concerned with the TV-out signal from the card - I 
am not looking at what is coming out of the other VGA output.

Are you using the multi application core? CVS or 0.9.20?

I am using the multi application core, and it's 0.9.20 not CVS.
The machine has a Gentoo installation, and is running the gentoo patched kernel 2.6.7 (with the fusion patch added).


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