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[directfb-users] gdk-directfb branched and updated for gtk+-2.4
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[directfb-users] gdk-directfb branched and updated for gtk+-2.4


thanks to a patch contributed by Kent Sandvik, the CVS version of
gdk-directfb has now been updated to work with GTK+-2.4. If you need
to access the versions for GTK+-2.0 or GTK+-2.2, please use the
"gtk-2-0" or "gtk-2-2" CVS branches.

I didn't give the new code a lot of testing but it builds cleanly and
seems to work fine so far. I'd like to get some feedback and if
everyone's happy, we could release a gtk+-directfb-2.4 tarball. As
soon as that has happened, I'd like to branch again and catch up with
the CVS version of CVS that is already approaching the 2.6 release.


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