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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB persistent video output vs exclusiveaccess
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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB persistent video output vs exclusiveaccess

Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
Quoting Andreas Kotes:

* Rob Shortt <> [20040708 15:15]:
I was thinking that when the UI application starts up it could
initialise a number of windows and layers (I was thinking of using
windowed mode).  Each window could have a certain purpose and specific
position from top to bottom.  The bottom window could be used for the
UI menus and display, top for and OSD text or graphics that you wish
to display on top of everything else (including video), and the
intermediate windows for video (pip, preview, and full display).
sounds very (video)memory expensive to me?

Cards that support accelerated blending usually have enough RAM for this.

The solution proposed by Rob is best suited for G400 or CLE266 based
systems etc.

It wouldn't surprise me if in the instances that persistent video output is an issue people wouldn't be using the other (VGA) output from the dual-head cards so all the memory can be used for the video output. In the case of the G450 cards I have that is 16MB on one and 32MB on another. I believe stock G450 cards ship with 16MB and G550 cards have 32MB.

Do other cards have this same issue with the TV output?

Ville speaks of a screen API. This sounds very interesting; is there more information about this somewhere, or should I just download the CVS head and look at the source? How "working" is the CVS head normally kept?


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