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[directfb-users] directfb.spec file errors
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[directfb-users] directfb.spec file errors

I'm trying to create a RPM of DirectFB (0.9.20) and am using the spec file that came included in the tar.gz file. I modified it slightly by adding --enable-linux-input and --with-gfxdrivers='all' to the configure section. The problem I am experiencing comes around the %install phase. It compiles fine, but when it is installing in the temporary directory it starts, and then all of a sudden tries to create /usr/include/directfb-internal instead of /var/tmp/usr/include/directfb-internal. It happens right after the installation of the include files into /var/tmp/usr/include such as directfb_keyboard.h and directfb_keynames.h etc...

Any ideas as to why?
Nathanael D. Noblet
Gnat Solutions
412 - 135 Gorge Road E
Victoria, BC V9A 1L1

T/F 250.385.4613

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