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[directfb-users] DirectFB won't restore screen on exit on i810
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[directfb-users] DirectFB won't restore screen on exit on i810

DirectFB version: CVS 7/7/2004:
OS: Slackware 10.0, i810 support as module
HW: P3 w/ onboard Intel i810, 1MB shared memory

Loaded i810fb with parameters according to 
Linux/Documentation/fb/intel810.txt in modprobe.conf:
options i810fb vram=1 xres=800 yres=600 bpp=8 hsync1=30 hsync2=55 
vsync1=50 vsync2=85 accel=1 mtrr=1

Created etc/directfbrc with modes for 800*600:


Module loads ok, all DirectFB apps & examples run fine but complain about 
"video mode not set"

With all applications the screen turns orange after program exit, with the 
previous screen contents still visible in shades of orange and absolutely 
no control left (no console switching, only ctrl-alt-del possible or 
shutdown -r now via ssh console).

This happens with or without an X-server running.

In my despair I also tried the VESA driver, but that one doesn't seem to 
work at all.

Any suggestions are greatly apprechiated, since I really need to use 
DirectFB (which I think is a great piece of work, btw) in my app.

Thanks in advance,


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