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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB crosscompile - How ?
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[directfb-users] Re: DirectFB crosscompile - How ?

> How do i can make the crosscompile of DirectFB for this ? I 
> tried this:
> cd /source/directfb
> mkdir dfb
> cd DirectFB-2004-07-13
> ./ --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --datadir=/palas 
> make make prefix=/source/directfb/dfb install

What was the result?  Did the make fail? Do the binaries not run on the
target?  You need to specify in what way this didn't work...

Also, what architecture are you compiling for?  Are you actually using a
cross-compiler, or a native compiler?  If you're using a cross-compiler,
then you haven't specified it in the lines above.  Perhaps you have
specified it in some other way (e.g. host_alias/build_alias/target_alias
environment variables)?

Simon Poole

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