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[directfb-users] physical dimensions of XDirectFB
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[directfb-users] physical dimensions of XDirectFB


I've done some work recently on GStreamer to handle pixel aspect ratio. 
I tested this yesterday on my matrox card with XDirectFB.  The XDirectFB
doesn't report the physical dimensions correctly; reporting something
close to 5:4 instead of the 4:3 of my TV.  I assume it's also not
possible for XDirectFB to figure this out automatically, since a TV
doesn't have any probing capabilities ?

I vaguely recall at some point in XFree86 3.x having to override this
somewhere when autoprobing the monitor fails.  I can't remember where,
does anyone know where this is configured in X ? And does this change at
all in XDirectFB, or is it maybe something that's not implemented in
XDirectFB ?

For now I just forced the PAR to be 16/15 when the pixel dimensions are
720x576.  Is this correct ? Are there people that for example run PAL
720x576 and have it output to 16:9 instead ?


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