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[directfb-users] Cop_to_Aop_16 SIGSEGV faults with nVidia Quatro 4 drive
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[directfb-users] Cop_to_Aop_16 SIGSEGV faults with nVidia Quatro 4 drivers

HI, I suspect this is an nVidia Quatro 4 driver problem, but posting
it in case someone else sees something similar on their systems.

I tried to nail down strange SIGSEGV faults with running the
testtreeview GTK+ app under the DirectFB GDK environment, this with
SDL support. When scrolling I got these SIGSEGV signals nearly
immediately, this in the Cop_to_Aop_16 call as part of gFillRect.

It works fine with Matrox G400s, of course...  Tried different
resolutions, but it seems to fail with both 1280x960 and 1280x1024.

Anyway, in case someone else has more info I would like to know. 


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