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[directfb-users] Kernel Messages move half of Xdirectfb session off scre
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[directfb-users] Kernel Messages move half of Xdirectfb session off screen

I've been using XDirectFB for several days now and it
works really well. I like having transparent windows.

Today, I was working with a floppy disk, and a bunch
of kernel messages (about parts of the floppy disk
being damaged) appeared on my XDirectFB screen,
pushing my XDirectFB session up.

There where a number of messages, which pushed my
XDirectFB session halfway up my monitor, so the top
half of my X session disappeared.

Even after I moved my mouse cursor and windows, my
XDirectFB session didn't refresh over the kernel

I restarted XDirectFB and it went away.

Is there a way to prevent the kernel messages from
showing up on my XDirectFB session? (though I'd still
like to see the messages from the kernel when its

Or is there at least a way to refresh over them?

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