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[directfb-users] Disabling IRE7.5 Setup in NTSC mode with dfbmga?
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[directfb-users] Disabling IRE7.5 Setup in NTSC mode with dfbmga?

Hi, I've got a problem with NTSC mode when using the dfbmga module, the
IRE7.5 Setup thingie is making my picture too bright. Pal mode is fine
I've had exactly the same problem with my DXR3 with a BT865 video
encoder, and I fixed it by disableing the IRE 7.5 register in the source.
However I hardly know anything about the G400, and it would be nice if I
could get some guidence.

Oh and another thing, is it possible to move the picture around? Cause
it doensn't center correctly on my TV in PAL mode, and I'm having a bit
of an overscan problem in NTSC mode, so is it possible to reduce the
overscan by tweaking the source, or do I have to software scale?

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