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[directfb-users] Portrait mode display.
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[directfb-users] Portrait mode display.

Hi there,

One of my applications has to display in portrait mode on a 16:9 LCD screen 
(768x1280). The current implementation (pre-DirectFB) uses a nasty software 
rotation technique that rotate-blits dirty parts of the (system memory) 
backbuffer 90 degrees to the front buffer. On lower resolutions, this is slow 
already, in 1280x768 it's just awful. 

I guess I can do more work on the rotation algorithm, such as keeping CPU 
cache line sizes in mind etc, but I was wondering if rotation can be done in 
hardware somehow. Software rotation means using a screen buffer in system 
memory rather than video memory, killing all acceleration. I'm using a 
mini-ITX board with the CLE266 chipset. If the CLE266 can't do it, is there 
any other supported chipset that can?



      n. : fear of palindromes

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