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[directfb-users] Re: MPlayer on G400 troubles
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[directfb-users] Re: MPlayer on G400 troubles

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 04:22:44AM -0000, Peace Monk wrote:
> MPlayer on G400 is not working with MPlayer.. I have described below.  Also, during bootup, my TV shows a blue screen with vertical lines in it.  However, I am getting a penguin logo on my crt during bootup.
> (I am running mplayer from putty terminal from windows.  I hope that is OK.)
> 1. Kernel 2.6.7 (all matrox modules compiled in , except for maven is module)
> 2. I2C-DEV is a module, and VESA-VGA is not compiled.
> 3. DFB++-0.9.20 and DirectFB-0.9.20 compiled and installed

DirectFB 0.9.20 is too old for 2.6. Get the cvs version.

Ville Syrjälä

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