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[directfb-users] How to use multiple XDirectFBs with linux ruby kernel?
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[directfb-users] How to use multiple XDirectFBs with linux ruby kernel?

I would like to be able to run a regular (non
framebuffer) XFree86 server and an XDirectFB server,
each on a different graphics card, and have both
servers appear on the screen at the same time.

I've compiled the linux ruby kernel (version 2.6.7-1)
and booted it. I've checked that it initializes both
of my framebuffer devices and creates 2 dummy virtual

I don't understand how to tell XDirectFB which virtual
console or terminal to use so that it doesn't take
over both displays. (I know which framebuffer device
corresponds to the correct card)

I've tried adding and removing "no-vt-switch" and
"vt-switching' from my directfbrc config file.

When I have only one of them, or neither, XDirectFB
fails to be able to access the appropriate

When I have both statements, XDirectFB starts, but
displays an error message that it can't access display
and sleeps for a moment and trys again.
(At this point, my mouse & keyboard don't work on the
console displaying XDirectFB's output so I couldn't
get an exact copy of the error message)

What should I try next? Is this possible?


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