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[directfb-users] Re: how can i set up xine to use directfb
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[directfb-users] Re: how can i set up xine to use directfb

ok, hate me or not.
Better search the own postbox than others.
i read the tread "df_xine g400 tv-out problem".
found in the extras package, when i run a video the TV goes black and
it seems to work fine, but no video on the screen.
i run this command: df_xine test.avi --dfb:primary-layer=2

than i created a logfile, like in the other tread,
whats wrong here?

(*) DirectFB/Config: Parsing config file '/etc/directfbrc'.

      ---------------------- DirectFB v0.9.21 ---------------------
            (c) 2000-2002  convergence integrated media GmbH
            (c) 2002-2004  convergence GmbH

(*) DirectFB/Core: Multi Application Core. (2005-01-04 17:10)
(*) Direct/Memcpy: Forced to use MMXEXT optimized memcpy()
(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Fusion Dispatch' (MESSAGING, 4702)...
(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'VT Switcher' (CRITICAL, 4713)...
(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'joystick'
(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'lirc'
(*) Direct/Modules: suppress module 'ps2mouse'
(*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Keyboard Input' (INPUT, 4714)...
(*) DirectFB/Input: Keyboard 0.9 (convergence integrated media GmbH)
(*) DirectFB/Genefx: MMX detected and enabled
(*) DirectFB/Graphics: Matrox G450 0.7 (convergence integrated media GmbH)
(*) DirectFB/Core/WM: Default 0.2 (Convergence GmbH)
df_xine: here we go!
df_xine: scanning layers for a suitable one
df_xine: probing layer 3
df_xine: -> has a surface
df_xine: -> trying to access...ok
df_xine: -> checking if double-buffering is supported...yes
df_xine: -> checking if RGB32 is
df_xine: -> checking if RGB24 is
df_xine: -> checking if RGB16 is
df_xine: -> not enough!
df_xine: no suitable layer found
df_xine: falling back to primary layer :(
DFB [Unofficial DirectFB video driver]
video_out_dfb: MMX detected and enabled
video_out_dfb: surface format is YUV [0x200806]
video_out_dfb: maximum number of frames is 15
video_out_dfb: registered new DVFrameCallback
df_xine: probing video mode 768x576@16...accepted
df_xine: probing video mode 768x576@32...not better
df_xine: probing video mode 720x576@32...accepted
df_xine: probing video mode 720x576@16...not better
df_xine: video mode 720x576@16 already set
video_out_dfb: video frame format is YV12
df_xine: video aspect changed:
df_xine:        -> old 0x0 [ratio 0.000000]
df_xine:        -> new 480x360 [ratio 1.333333]
df_xine: playing mrl '/video/testvideos/crush.avi'
df_xine: playback finished for mrl '/video/testvideos/crush.avi'

this my directfbrc:


xine-check gives me this:

[ good ] found video_out plugins
       These video_out plugins have been found:
        dfb directfb dxr3 fb none sdl vidix xshm xv

I reconfigured freevo and it wont display anything, too.
vdr works fine, right after a reboot, when have i run fb_xine,
vdr also gives me no TV Picture.
I know that i had to set the seoftdevice to YUV, to give me the TV Picture,
OSD runs in all modes.

hope you can help me. wrote:

after 2 weeks of work i have nearly everythin working directfb, great project.
Ive searched different mailinlists and google,
but i cant find any usefull info how i can build the xine-ui to use directfb.
I already enabled directfb in xine-lib, it builds fine, in xine-ui I only could build fbxine,
but not dfbxine, grep gave me some lines in the sources regarding to dfbxine, but configure has no option for it.
Has someone written an own dfb UI or something?
I wanna include xine into freevo which runs fine with directfb and mplayer.


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