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[directfb-users] Re: Running without root privileges
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[directfb-users] Re: Running without root privileges

In <>, Tony Houghton wrote:

> In <>, Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
> > Use the options "no-graphics-vt", "no-vt-switching" and "no-vt-switch"
> > by one of the following ways:
> > 
> > Pass "--dfb:no-graphics-vt,no-vt-switching,no-vt-switch" to the application,
> > which doesn't work with mplayer, I guess.
> > 
> > Export "DFBARGS=no-graphics-vt,no-vt-switching,no-vt-switch".
> > 
> > Add these options to "/etc/directfbrc", "~/.directfbrc",
> > "/etc/directfbrc.mplayer" or "~/.directfbrc.mplayer".
> None of those work with MPlayer I'm afraid. I also tried -vo directfb
> instead of dfbmga, but no difference. :-(

I've worked out that the problem is because I've been trying to run
MPlayer remotely over ssh, and it needs to be run from the console to
get non-root access.

That's a bit awkward, because I don't have a monitor connected to that
PC, and I don't have it set up to display a console on the TV correctly.
But the real issue is that I want to access DirectFB from vdr which
starts automatically. I suppose I could rearrange my boot sequence and
inittab etc so the vdr user automatically gets logged in and starts the
program from .profile, but is there a more straightforward way to give
programs access to directfb when they're not started from a console?

TH *

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