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[directfb-users] Re: epia m + cle266 + directfb + mplayer = wrongcolors
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[directfb-users] Re: epia m + cle266 + directfb + mplayer = wrongcolors


I've a EPIA MIIE600 and I can make mplayer to play full screen using viafb.
It worked for me giving mplayer "-vo fbdev2 -fs -zoom -xy <screen-width>".
Nevertheless, using software scaling, consumes all my CPU power and can make the video a bit jerky, so I'm about to try directfb also.

José Gonçalves

David Belohrad wrote:

Dear all,
i'm trying to run the $subj$ configuration. I've compiled directfb, mplayer and the kernel to have cle266vgaio
and viafb (from linux-fb of directfb).
when i try to use mplayer over the movies, i have the following situation

1) by using viafb or vesa and 'mplayer -vo fbdev' or 'mplayer -vo fbdev2' I get nice and fast playing video, but it's not
scalable and not centered on the screen.
2) when using 'mplayer -vo directfb' the picture is over whole screen, but the colors are completely distorted (seems like
red is missing)

dfbinfo says 2 layers, primary standard and secondary is cle266

does anyone known what to do with that?
i've already tried almost every configuration possible (directfb+its own viafb, viafb from via+cle266 from kernel ...)

thanks a lot

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