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[directfb-users] Re: Black Screen with tv-out on g450
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[directfb-users] Re: Black Screen with tv-out on g450

>> Hello,
>> first of all I have to say, that I'm new to directfb.
>> I've just build my kernel and directfb (I use 0.9.21) like its written
>> in the how-to for tv-out with matrox cards (I own a g450). Everything works fine,
>> but when I try to use the secondary output (with --dfb:primary-layer=2) to view the df samples, my crt and tv
>> are getting black and the programs are working in the back. Mplayer with "-vo dfbmga" works great.
>> Has anyone experience with this and give me a hint?

>Does "--dfb:primary-layer=2,pixelformat=RGB16" work?

Yes, it does! Thanks a lot, but this creates new problems/questions...

I added pixelformat=RGB16 to directfbrc and most of the examples run perfect. df_xine with the layer option set to 2 still gives me no/a! black picture on tv.

And the samples 1 and 2 from directfb-extra-0.9.21 and df_video are really slow on secondary output. Much pictures were thrown away. I run it on a Athlon 1,3GHz machine, so I think, it should run a lot smoother

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