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[directfb-users] I810 overlay on DFB 0.9.21
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[directfb-users] I810 overlay on DFB 0.9.21

Dear All

I'm having troubles running 'df_layer' example application on version 0.9.21. 
Everything is looking good, no suspicious messages at all, but the screen is 
black. That's it, no image displayed. I have not observered such behavior on 
previous version. Non-overlay applications ( df_fire etc. ) are working 

VGA Card: 82815 CGC 
Kernel: 2.4.28 with i810fb, agpgart and fusion compiled as modules 
DirectFB: 0.9.21 ( compiled with --enable-multi, fusion module is loaded )
DirectFB-examples: 0.9.21

Any ideas?


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