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[directfb-users] DirectFB locks hard under 2.6.*
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[directfb-users] DirectFB locks hard under 2.6.*

I already reported about this lockup under 2.6.8 and 2.6.7.
Luckily when I moved to I though my problem gone away. I was able to run simple stress tests and was about to run my main killer: pycar app.
Even though app working fine, I still got some weird segfaults from DirectFB. I decided to see what's causing these segfaults through gdb and when I run PyCar under gdb DirectFB locks up the system. No matter what I do. So I can't even get trace or dump.
This happens with 0.9.20 and 0.9.21 under all 2.6.* kernels.
When I switch back to 2.4.23 everything works just perfect.
My hardware:
    EPIA-M6000, CLE266( I use unichrome driver in 0.9.21 ).
I tried playing with the kernel hack parameters such as allocation size( 4<->8KB ) but it did not make any difference.
Let me know how can I trace this down. Any ideas or suggestions ?

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