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[directfb-users] 1400x1050 not possible with ATI M9?
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[directfb-users] 1400x1050 not possible with ATI M9?


I'm trying for days now, without a result. Directfb doesn't want to
run on 1400x1050. Every time i try, directfb exits with "Caught signal
7 (at 0x203c9000, non-existent physical address)".

If i set the resolution to 640x480-60, it works (multiple dfbterm's
works also).

Other resolutions (1024x768 eg..) give a black screen, but i think
that's a problem in radionfb driver since setting the resolution with
fbset also gives a black screen.

I really would like to run the native resolution of the laptop, that
is 1400x1050. That's also the resolution radionfb selects by default
(and it works).

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

This is my configuration:
- Laptop Dell Latitude D600
- 32 RAM ATI M9 (ATI Radion 9000)
- Linux 2.6.10-ac6 with radionfb compiled as a module and loaded
without extra parameters
- Directfb cvs version, with --enable-debug and --enable-multi

For more details, the log from the console (about 50KBytes):


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