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[directfb-users] Lite changes happening
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[directfb-users] Lite changes happening

Hi, I'm adding in some new features into LiTE, and sometimes changing the APIs.

lite_new_window() now takes an x,y position and could still center the
window. Anyway, it's good to know if you use LiTE (I just changed
DFBTerm so it compiles). I will try to modify the current APIs *only*
if needed (and of course keep LiTE lite).

There's another function that now loads DFBSurfaceDescription images
directly from the executable or shared library (using
directfb-csource), and could we used to load images into LiteButton,
in addition to currenly loading from file. The CVS checkin messages
will have information about the forthcoming changes and additions.

Let me know if there are any issues, or other comments. --Kent
Something, Anything!

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