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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity withRGB o
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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity withRGB out)

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005, Tony Houghton wrote:

Does setFieldParity work with interlaced modes on a Matrox G450's
primary head (VGA to RGB), or only on the 2nd head in TV mode?
Sorry Tony to change the topic but I noticed on the VDR-list that atleast you are having the same kind of symptoms as I am with dfbmga & -vsync:

"With MPlayer and dfbmga it's (av-sync)even stranger. Its starts off OK but the delay gradually gets longer. If I'm watching a recorded file I can fix it by rewinding (seeking back) a few seconds every few minutes, but I
can't correct it by using the delay controls. It's as if
adding/subtracting a further delay factor changes the amount of delay in
the error I'm trying to correct for, but not necessarily by the same

My system is Celeron 1200MHz, i440BX, G400DH, Ensonic ES1371, directfb 12-12-04, mplayer CVS-041213 and 2.4.28. I moved es1371 to another pci-slot to give it a new irq and now G400 doesn't have to share its irq with anyone. Still no success. With -framedrop I can see that mplayer has to drop frames ~1-3/s in order to keep the sync.

The command is mplayer -vo dfbmga:fieldparity=top:buffermode=triple:input -fs -vsync and without the -vsync av-sync is perfect but the picture is unviewable. Any ideas?

Tomi Hautakoski
Talk is cheap because Supply exceeds Demand.

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