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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity with RGB
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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity with RGB out)

On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 12:39:07PM +0200, Tomi Hautakoski wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Jan 2005, Tony Houghton wrote:
> >Does setFieldParity work with interlaced modes on a Matrox G450's
> >primary head (VGA to RGB), or only on the 2nd head in TV mode?
> Sorry Tony to change the topic but I noticed on the VDR-list that atleast 
> you are having the same kind of symptoms as I am with dfbmga & -vsync: 
> "With MPlayer and dfbmga it's (av-sync)even stranger. Its starts off OK 
> but the delay gradually gets longer. If I'm watching a recorded file I can 
> fix it by rewinding (seeking back) a few seconds every few minutes, but I
> can't correct it by using the delay controls. It's as if
> adding/subtracting a further delay factor changes the amount of delay in
> the error I'm trying to correct for, but not necessarily by the same
> amount."
> My system is Celeron 1200MHz, i440BX, G400DH, Ensonic ES1371, directfb 
> 12-12-04, mplayer CVS-041213 and 2.4.28. I moved es1371 to another 
> pci-slot to give it a new irq and now G400 doesn't have to share its irq 
> with anyone. Still no success. With -framedrop I can see that mplayer has 
> to drop frames ~1-3/s in order to keep the sync.
> The command is mplayer -vo dfbmga:fieldparity=top:buffermode=triple:input 
> -fs -vsync and without the -vsync av-sync is perfect but the picture is 
> unviewable. Any ideas?

Drop the -vsync option. Using it makes triple buffering effectively 
double buffering. Maybe you need to use fieldparity=bottom to get a good 

Ville Syrjälä

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