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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity withRGB o
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[directfb-users] Re: dfbmga loosing av-sync (Was: Field parity withRGB out)

In <>, Tomi Hautakoski wrote:

> Sorry Tony to change the topic but I noticed on the VDR-list that atleast 
> you are having the same kind of symptoms as I am with dfbmga & -vsync: 


> The command is mplayer -vo dfbmga:fieldparity=top:buffermode=triple:input 
> -fs -vsync and without the -vsync av-sync is perfect but the picture is 
> unviewable. Any ideas?

In what way is it unviewable?

Try -ao sdl, that seemed to fix it for me. You might need to install
some SDL libraries and recompile MPlayer. Don't use framedrop, because
that seems to make it still drop frames too frequently like before. I
found that it still lost sync in one of my VDR recordings, but all of a
sudden instead of gradually, and I think it may have been caused by
stream errors. I didn't think of trying -autosync at the time; that
might fix it, because I could see the frame numbers also out of sync in
MPlayer's stdout, so it should be able to tell it's gone out of sync and
by how much. I don't think -autosync fixes the original problem though.

TH *

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