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[directfb-users] MatroxFB in kernel 2.4 or 2.6 - which is the best ?


I was wondering which version of the matroxfb would be the best to use in
conjunction with DirectFB ? I am running kernel 2.6.

- 2.4 : Even for 2.6 kernels, the author of matroxfb, Petr Vandrovec is offering
backports to the 2.4 version (look at - because he doesn't agree
with the new framebuffer architecture of the 2.6 kernels. I remember reading a
post about this, but cannot seem to relocate this.

Do Petr's patches already include the proposed patches in the DirectFB/patches
directory ?
* matroxfb-full-memory-linux-2.4.21-rc2.patch.bz2
* matroxfb-g400-clock-2.4.22.patch.bz2
* matroxfb-vsync-irq-2.4.21-pre6.patch.bz2

- 2.6 : I suppose the proposed patches in the DirectFB/patches directory
cannot/are not applied to 2.6 kernels ?

I wonder which option people running 2.6 kernels are using...

Kind regards,


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