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This page gives an overview of embedded hardware with vendor based or 3rd party DirectFB Support.

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Embedded Systems on a Chip

3D Labs


Hardware Platform

Software Development


Intel® CE 2110 Media Processor

Overview and various links

Product Brief

Intel® Media Processor CE 3100

Product Brief

Intel® Atom™ processor CE4100

Press Release

Intel® Atom™ processor CE4200

Press Release



This PNX8932 based SoC from NXP features SD with H-264 and VC1.

Product Overview


A PNX8935 based SoC that features SD and HD (720p, 1080i) with H-264 and VC1.

Product Overview


Based on a NXP8550 SoC that supports progressive scan, decoding, and display of one HD or two SD streams simultaneously.

Product Overview


General Presentation


The SH7722 incorporates SH4AL-DSP operating at maximum frequency of 266MHz. The SH7722 incorporates various peripheral functions suited to multimedia applications including MPEG4, H.264, a 2D graphics accelerator, a LCD controller, a camera interface, and sound input/output. The SH7722 incorporates SDRAM interface expandable up to 64-bit bus width and USB 2.0 high-speed function, and large capacity data can be transfered at high-speed. Operating current and waiting current can be lowered by powerful power management function. The SH7722 is suitable for multimedia applications requiring high performance and low power.

Product Overview

Sigma Designs



Digital TV

Set-Top Box

ST Microelectronics


Data Brief


Data Brief

Tribbox: ST7109 STB

Texas Instruments


Data Sheet

Trident Multimedia


Trident provides SoCs for DTV and other markets including support for DirectFB based middleware.



Product Brief

External Graphics Processors


Silicon Motion

Integrated Systems - Products powered by DirectFB

Philips Flat TV

Immerse yourself in a captivating Ambilight experience. Featuring the Perfect Pixel HD Engine, this TV combines Perfect Motion Sharpness, Perfect Colours and Perfect Contrast with Ambilight Spectra 3 — lighting up your viewing experience.

Flat TV 47" 47PFL7623D/10 with Ambilight and Pixel Plus 3 HD

Flat TV 47" 47PFL9703D/10 with Perfect Pixel HD Engine and Ambilight Spectra 3

README for the source code of the parts of Philips TV software that fall under open source licenses

Roku Netflix Player

The Netflix Player makes it easy to instantly watch movies and TV episodes over the Internet on your living room TV, or anywhere you have a TV and an Internet connection. Compact and lightweight, inexpensive but powerful, simple to set up and use (it’s the perfect answer for people who just can’t get enough Netflix).

Quoting a friend: "I just bought one of these boxes to stream Netflix to my TV. It works great, has really good reviews, and uses DirectFB 1.1 for the NXP SoC!"

The Netflix Player by Roku

GPL Resources with DirectFB

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