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About the Port

A PSP (Playstation Portable) port would be the first DirectFB port which doesn't run on a full blown OS. It would NOT be a port for Linux on PSP ( It would rather be a port using the free toolchain and pspsdk. DirectFB would run on Sonys PSP OS.

What has to be done

  • Threads, mutexes, conditionals.
    • a wrapper for SONY's sceTreads could be written
    • support for sceThreads could be built into DirectFB (fusion). In DirectFB pthreads are wrapped more or less even now.
    • the fairly complete phtread wrapper for the psp ( could be used.
  • DirectFB system
    • Initialize the PSP framebuffer
    • mode switching
  • Input Driver
    • wrap the functions found in the pspsdk
  • Graphics Driver
    • use the libGU (a low level driver, which provides hardware acceleration) from the pspsdk
    • or - alternatively: access the hardware directly and assemble command buffer packets in a similiar fashion like libGU.

Current Status


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