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So it looks like users User:Dinyo and User:Adfasdg are spammers who have registered accounts to spamify this wiki. Shame on them. I ( manage the wiki and have similar problems. So... if you're the admin for this site, there's an anti-spam module available for the MediaWiki that helps cut down on some of the automated spam. And for the non-automated stuff, I've found that protecting some pages (like the main page) helps out. Finally, I've set my default home page to be the "Recent Changes" page for my wiki, so every morning I see a list of changes. If I see something suspicious, I check it out. It's a pain in the keester, but it has kept our site mostly free of spam.

Anyway... I'll get off my high horse now and start reading and contributing. Thanks!

aliverius:So do we keep this wiki or shall i continue moving stuff to the new wiki?

We moved the 'old' wiki to a protected box, so this 'old' wiki as the wiki to use! Niels 17:44, 7 Apr 2009 (CEST)

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