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How to prepare for the first sex?

The first sexual experience always stays in your memory, it is quite normal and natural. Sex left only positive memories, you need to prepare for this event.

Intimacy is an inseparable part of the relationship of two loving people. If platonic relationship moved to a new level, and the partners are ripe for closer loving contact, make sure psychological and physical readiness of such a connection.

The girl needs to understand that her intercourse may be painful, but this discomfort passes quickly, opening an interesting journey into the world of erotica.

Physiological readiness for first sex

Young people often ask the main question , what is the optimal age for first sex, worrying about the physical state of the body for sexual intercourse.

It is known that in the course of a scientific experiment, which scientists have conducted over 10 years, was set the ideal age for a woman’s first sexual intimacy – 18-19 years.

This early contact before 17 years and later after 22 years, the researchers say, is connect with complications to health. Similar recommendations sexologists give men. At the same time women have to know that puberty, which manifests the onset of menstruation, is not a reason to start intimacy.

It is not recommended to intercourse until the menstrual cycle is not stable, and this requires 2-3 years after the onset of menses. But given that they can start with a 9-10 years period of time before the onset of sexual activity should be much more.

According to statistics, 36% of adolt people have sexual relations before the age of 16, with more than half of them after regret it.

Early sexual activity has a number of negative consequences:

  • The risk of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases due to poor awareness of contraceptive methods and the lack of a permanent partner;
  • Unintended pregnancy;
  • Increased risk of cervical cancer; -psychological problems associated with the distorted idea about sex or, conversely, its negation.

Speaking negatively about early sexual intercourse, sexologists are advised not to delay, because it is fraught with hormonal disorders, mental disorders, lack of women orgasm.

woman in black top looking downwards

Shychological readiness for the first sex

In the life of every girl’s deflowering (violation of the hymen) provides access to a full sex life, which can be purchased as a positive color, and leave negative memories. Age of first sex today dropped significantly.

For psychological comfort intimacy is possible only in the most familiar surroundings, where you can feel more uninhibited and use familiar objects.

It is necessary to sort out your wardrobe and wear the usual things, so as not to feel the discomfort of an additional new clothes, which can be very uncomfortable in the piquant situation.

Quite often it happens after the penetration of the penis into the vagina without no spotting. This can happen because deflowering held not before the end because of good stretchability hymen.

Girls should know how to prepare for the first sex and, do not forget all factors, quietly take to the reproaches inexperienced partner, patiently explaining the situation and observing the emotional calm.

How to prepare right for the first sex?

Beginning sexual activity requires creating an intimate atmosphere, romantic lighting, slow disposing music. Memories of this meeting should be only pleasant, so you need to follow the recommendations of psychologists and sexologists. Often, young people think that taking a small dose of alcohol will help to relax, make pain lower.

This view is fundamentally wrong. Strong drinks serve as catalysator, reinforcing pain. Intimacy does not tolerate fuss, especially at this crucial moment. Until a man is not enough to excite a woman using a stimulation of erogenous zones, it is not recommended to make defloration.

Knowing how to prepare yourself to have sex, do not forget about the additional lubricants that are most suitable for such a moment.

Consultation sexologist on the preparation of the first sex Doctors, teachers and psychologists rightly believe that the younger generation is necessary to take a course of sex education before intimacy.

The knowledge gained will save from mistakes and form a correct concept of sexual culture. Upon entry into sexual life, it is desirable to combine theory with practice. Theoretical knowledge can expand the emotional range of partners, enriching the intimate life.

The importance of hygiene before sex.

Clean – the guarantee of health. Everyone know this truth.
If you not following elementary rules of hygiene you can trigger the growth of the number of bacterial diseases, and adversely affect the body’s immune system. Therefore, almost every person thoroughly washes his hands before making a meal, take a daily shower.

Remember that it is not less important than hygiene before sex. In this case, in addition to water treatment, it is recommended to comply with many other rules that can protect against infection. Specificity intercourse allows bacteria to multiply actively enough, and even minor damage can facilitate their penetration into the body.

Hygiene before oral sex.

Experts recommend to use contraception for all contacts, not excluding oral. The mouth contains a large number of bacteria that are in contact with the mucous membranes of the male member provoke the development of numerous diseases.

Hygiene oral sex to include a set of preparatory actions since taking a shower just before the act of using the means of the processing of intimate genital organs. If fellatio is not spontaneous and is practiced between regular partners, it needs to reorganize oral, cure the sick teeth, getting rid of dental problems.

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It is strictly prohibited contact with acute respiratory symptoms, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, etc. Strange as it sounds, but it is not good to fellatio tooth brushing and mouthwash because of the destruction of the natural immunological defense in the oral cavity, which reduces the bactericidal properties of saliva.

A man must remove excess vegetation on the genitals, in order to prevent hair getting into the respiratory tract, to treat head of the penis and the foreskin of special tools. Before oral intima the stronger sex it is necessary to wash with warm water with a special foam penis.

The foreskin should pull gently and thoroughly clean the head, paying special attention to the bridle and the rim. In conclusion, you need to wash the groin. And of course, we should not ignore bathing. If this is not possible, you can use intimate wipes that you can find at all ladies purse.