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Required hygiene before sex with contraceptives lical destination

Local contraceptives are divided into barrier and chemical (spermicide).

Barrier include condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms. Chemicals include contraceptive creams, vaginal suppositories and tablets. The majority of the fair sex is confident that intimate hygiene before sex is the frequency of cleaning . As much as better.

This view is erroneous. Endless exposure to water with conventional detergents leads to a breach of an alkaline environment. This imbalance increases the possibility of infection, irritation, unpleasant odor.

Therefore, before the proximity is important to follow certain rules:

  • Contraception must always be perfectly clean, reaching up to complete sterility and stored in a cool and dark place;
  • Should not be oily solutions used as a lubricant in this type of contraception. If necessary, you can use prior to the act of contraceptive jelly;
  • Diaphragms and caps are sure to wash after each time of each sex. While washing is necessary to avoid fragrances and apply talc; as sanitary protection, you can use dental dams, to cover part of the vagina and the anus.
  • Keeping clean and taking into account all the nuances of fellatio, there is no fear of infection of various types and enjoy new sensations.

Hygiene before anal sex

This type of relationship is no longer considered taboo. Anal intercourse is practiced in many couples. However, many people have no idea about the purity of the sexual encounter. Especially important in such a relationship to hygiene before the first sex.

Note that the anus is the end of the rectum, which is inhabited by a large number of harmful microorganisms, therefore not allowed a sharp transition to vaginal contact without pre-treatment member running water.

Some doctors recommend at such proximity pre-clean the intestine using an enema. However, in this case violated the intestinal microflora, reduced natural protection, and increased risk of infections. As a rule, not necessarily pre-washing of the intestine. Suffice it before it emptied and washed away.

To soften the anus and easier penetration is important to use a lubricant. This will help avoid mucosal injury. And it is quite natural that the hygiene before anal sex should be provided by a condom.

The correct approach to the purity requirements for any sexual acts will allow the partners to feel safe and enjoy the proximity without fear of consequences.

Importance of intimare hygiene after sex

Implementation of the rules of purity genitals very piquant topic of conversation. Almost no woman does not affect while visiting her gynecologist. This is not entirely true, because performing hygiene after sex can prevent possible unwanted complications in the field of gynecology.

The main condition for the health of the female reproductive system – daily care. In addition to standard cleaning the shower and after copulation, doctors recommend the use of condoms, if the ultimate goal of sex is not pregnant.

It is important to remember that conventional detergents and cosmetics are not suitable for delicate areas.

They contain high levels of pH, which is harmful for delicate areas. After the proximity should take a shower, but without the use of washcloths in the genital area. Suffice it to be washed away by hand with a special gel, and then wash it off with warm water.

It is advisable to always carry a damp cloth, which in case of emergency can replace water treatments.

A negative value is the presence of hair in areas hidden from the eye, which become the cause of bacterial infections. Unwanted hair it has to be removed.

Hygiene after oral sex

In this type of proximity increases the risk of transmission of pathogenic microbes that cause gastrointestinal infections, genital and respiratory system. The main condition of safe oral-genital contact is personal hygiene after sex and timely rehabilitation of the oral cavity.

Clean the mouth directly reflected in the spread of the bacteria across the surface of the wound in the mouth, labial herpes, bleeding gums. All these symptoms are a direct contraindication for intimacy.

Despite the fact that fellatio is considered the safest way relationship, still advisable to use protective equipment and observe safety.

After fellatio recommended as fast as you can clean mouth by vaginal secretions and semen, which will significantly reduce the risk of infections.

Hygiene after anal sex

In anal sex should be an essential attribute of a condom. This contraception prevents the spread of harmful intestinal flora in the vagina. However, if the partners are confident in their health and are permanent, such as a married couple, they can practice unprotected contact.

It took only special grease and hygienic requirements. A man needs to know that even with full confidence in the health of each other’s penetration into the anus partner’s risk of developing various forms of urethritis. In this case, preferably within 15 minutes after contact urinate, rinsing the urethra and urethral best effect douching special disinfectant.

You should not forget that after anal sex hygiene involves right cleaning, which involves the use of warm water and the movement of the pubic area to the anus. Cold water can cause inflammation of the sensitive genitals. Water jet put not directed into the vagina, as increased likelihood of infectious diseases and flushing of the protective film.

Optimal disinfectant

Gel for intimate treatment which can be used both before coitus, and after it.Genitals need to wipe gently separate towel best – waffle. The terry towels accumulates a large amount of bacteria. It is recommended to lightly wet the genitals, leaving them moist slightly.

This is for protection of soft tissues. Compliance with safety measures before and after intercourse is recommended for both men and women.

Both partners must be assured in the absence of pathogens, allowing them to relax and enjoy a pleasant process.

person holding white and black love print paper

Why intimate hygiene is so important in our life?

Failure to comply with cleanliness can lead to infertility and gynecological complications. Thus, intimate hygiene after sex is extremely important for reproductive functions of the body.

The main body of the women’s reproduction is a uterus that is absolutely sterile. Contact with her malicious viruses and bacteria have a negative impact on functional ability in pregnancy.

Nature of the uterus is protected from infringement sterile sheath, which is populated by lactobacilli. The immediate objective of these microorganisms is the suppression of the penetration of foreign bodies of the uterus.

If hygiene is not performed after sex, harmful micro-organisms convert the vaginal environment, making it alkaline. This factor greatly reduces the amount of lactic acid bacteria, reducing the defense, which is manifested in the appearance of dysbiosis.

In order to prevent inflammatory processes and maintain reproductive function must carefully follow the rules of hygiene, particularly for intimate parts.

How to found out man want you or nоt?

Relationships between men and women have always been covered by a certain aura of mystery, like a game. Misteryous fact these manifestations often occur because of the uncertainty in the sensations and feelings of each other.

Human psychology has a hidden attraction to the opposite sex, which give views, gestures, behavior. Therefore ladies are attentive without further goes to identify signs of sexual desire on the part of the second half.

Signs of interest to woman.

Representatives of the stronger sex rarely show feelings, even if the lady desirable for him. They mask the emotions ostentatious indifference, caustic jokes. The girls are often loss, not knowing, like she or he is an ordinary flirtation. I

n order to make it easier to understand, there are a number of signs that show the true attitude of the young man. If a guy tries to be close by, offering friendship, strongly involved in the life of a girl, it proves that he considers her charming and suggests a further link.

Representatives of the stronger sex does not get rid of the “hunting instinct” in modern society. “Prey” is necessary to win, then the victory sweeter. Easily accessible “trophies” does not appeal to the stronger sex. If the partner is seeking long-term girl, going to different victim, then he is interested in a serious relationship.

Potential partner showering compliments, gifts, surprise of surprises, regardless of the holiday dates, which once again points to the attentions to the young lady.

Often women ask the question: how to determine whether you want a man. Respond to him with almost 100% certainty can be, after looking for the object of attention.

Communication is key

If a girl catches for herself a peek, if a representative of the stronger sex focuses on the face, eyes, hair of the object of interest, then it’s not against the move to a new stage of relations.

Man partner began to dress, to use a fashionable perfume, always shaven and neat – it demonstrates a desire to look into the eyes of the beloved ladies much better surrounding.

Man surrounded pet care and support. Moreover, it can manifest itself in the most insignificant trifles: an umbrella during a rain jacket during the cold season, flowers for no reason, etc.

Demonstration culinary abilities in a detailed story, offer sample food prepared with their own hands – it is said that love is just around the corner. The most important sign of serious intent – familiarity with the household. If he insists, you can be sure that the guy is ready to offer an engagement ring.

Recognizing the signs of sexual attraction.

Signs of sexual attraction of a young man to the object of signs and the desire to have a lady appear in gifts with overtones, specially prepared words, demonstrating that the gentleman wants intimacy with the object of love. If the girl was presented with erotic lingerie, it is a veiled suggestion to have sex.

The young man admired the female body, so is a prerequisite touch. In contrast to the friendly, it will be more tender, easy, often simulating a random gesture. It should be noted that the guys are very developed sense of smell, and to awaken the desire is enough to smell a woman.

Therefore, if the gentleman is trying to inhale the fragrance of perfume, hair and body, he apparently alludes to his sexual desire.

In any male company boyfriend will try to win the favor of his passion, wanting to stand out from the crowd and be the first. Every woman subconsciously know how to determine what boyfriend wants sex.

External behavioral responses can show it: languid eyes, the desire to avoid looking directly into the eyes of the woman he loved, nervous behavior and constant presence next to the object sighs.

All these signs indicate a desire to intima. However, every woman should remember that its behavior should not be vulgar, or gentleman will quickly lose interest in it.

Are you ready for his active moves?

The reaction of the guy who is set to sex, rather predictable. He will try more often to meet her, to call, to make a pleasant surprise.

woman with head resting on hand

How to found out that man wants you and do not be mistaken, giving him a little more and do not be disappointed?

If a woman feels peace and comfort with a partner, she originate the first signs of sexual attraction. This is due to a sense of security, protection of the person with whom she plans a long relationship.

Woman ready to take action, can not constrain the physical demonstration of affection, indicating the desire to partner.

Gentle hugs, light touch and strokes are regarded as offering greater.

At this point, the best – it is reciprocity: the touch of the hands or an unexpected kiss, which indicate that both partners are ready for another serious relationship.